How to accept calendar invites when not using your main email.

I keep getting comments about people not being able to accept my calendar invites because they, “use a different email”. So to help these people out, here are instructions to instruct your gmail calendar to accept these. You only need to do this once.

Please note, this guide assumes you are already able to email with this alternative address, if not, after doing this go to “GMail Settings” and “Accounts” and add your email there.

This doesn’t work for Google Apps, it’s possible but your Apps administrator will need to add the full domain to the system and add the alternative email to your account. If they can’t figure it out, forward them to me.

The problem

The Fix

Adding alternative email to your account

Go to account settings,

Then click “Your personal info” and select “Email”,

And your email to “Alternate emails”,

You should receive email to verify you own the account,

Now, pick the calendar you want to use for your alternative email


And now you can accept



On setting expectations

Setting expectations is hard enough in long running relationships. But it’s even more tricky when meeting someone new. Asking if there are plans for a long term commitment on the first date might be a bit forward. But wait to long and people start having their own ideas that might not match up. With monogamy it seems a bit easier because there is a known path you can walk. But even there people can have very different ideas.
It’s impossible to expect what a future partner might like, so work on your own view. Make sure to focus on what type of relationship you are looking for and not how the other partner should be. Are you looking long or short term. Plan to go on holidays much or stay in. What will make you happy isn’t in the color of their eyes.
As a polyamorous person I meet people that stay only till they find a monogamous person. In my case people were very upfront about it so I could expect that moment. But I also realised that I want something more long term. Dating is fun, but also costs a lot of energy. 
So for me one of the first things I work towards now is how people view a relationship with me. As something fun for right now or as something that when it feels right will last much longer. And I can adjust my commitment. Keeping both me and partners happy.

I hope they kill the kid in the new God of War

Make me love this kid, make me protect him, raise him, see little jokes. Get me to fucking care! Kill him late in the game when I no longer expect him to die.

When done right I will grief and cry, break a little inside.

Because after that, I’ll share Kratos his hate, I’ll be him, stopping at nothing to get my revenge.

That’s the experience I hope for.